Flaws and falls. Stubbornness. Vanity. All forgotten

Sticks stones. Empty cage. dust and sour. Senseless stone

Oblivion vanishing tree

City lights cry

Olive green

Mud under my feet

All possibilities Pandora’s box

Silence to hold.

Repentance, pile stock remorse


What I didn’t see

Evaporating me…

Then you came

I crumble

You hold me tight


raised me higher

hold me

whole me


Cleansing river living pouring water

Dig 25 feet under

Drag me out of blindness


So you did

See… me


What it might

What was planed


Here in your hands I lay

I rest

Coming home

The rest of my life

Sheltered inside

Your promises my anchor

Your pain my wings wild wind

Set free I fly

above Forgiveness solid land

Strength I lack

You are

The most High

All the reasons why

Love as life beyond…

All rising seas mountains you

Flawless. Stoic. Forever standing

My living soul


Morning flouring flame

Within my heart your guideness

Compass as in every footstep

Perfect balance

Complete. Redeemed

In bloom.







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