and a few before it

i was breathing your name

dancing through l’air

Then comes today

and myself doesn’t seem to levitate

nor care 

whenever you are near

whatever you say

Have we meet?

Or we just read through the characters we played?



Caught up in between 

of something unreal…

You’ll leave

Yet i’ll remember 

The shadow of your eyes looking into mine ​



Intenté pensarte

entre la distancia y el polvo

Caminos dónde esperarte 

Va esa última estrofa inerte

De todas y ninguna parte 


Cómo sería tu ausencia, a qué sabrían tus labios si acaso tu inefable ansiedad de absurda constancia habría cambiado. 

Te tomé de la mano  y dibujamos…
Esas líneas al costado de tus párpados 


Within my silence 

All the ‘I miss you’         

The good morning kisses        

Midnight embraces             

Farewells & breakfasts

That old bench where fall 07 made sense.

Libraries, antiques & everything else that was left to be…

A song, a distant paradox


Y así, tan de repente tan de intentarlo una y todas las veces. Tan a la distancia, tus letras. Entre barcos naufragantes y pistas de aterrizaje. Tú. Tan, tanto, tú. Lo que siempre. En el vórtice de la casualidad. Tetraedros. Moebius. 

A contraluz de tus pestañas, el aleteo  incesante. Aquella posibilidad. De tanto y de todo.

De ti…


The existing state of things it’s a bird saying morning’s gone                                                -tomorrow is lost… as a winter caleidoscope of old warm memoirs.                                Step after another missed. And i here now from another land not from another soil dust to faire les choses dans le sens d’être among a coalition of both self and being.       

I’ll leave -nor i’ll wait nor i’ll décoré                                                                                                 watercolors of some other vivid printemps 

Hier soirée vivre dans le fenêtre. 

rue of destin
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Amanda Mininger -Reditus-

What an embrace of warming honesty. Merci.
You close your eyes and i hear “i get it” .
My condolences; may your heart find the comfort #reminisce

Amanda Mininger

It’s been a really long time since I talked about writing.

I started this blog years ago when I was determined to be a writer (re: do more than just fill notebooks at home, in private, with no one to read what was in them). I thought I’d write confidently and prolifically about the craft and business of writing, as I was growing and learning. But since then I have drifted far from that center to explore whatever was interesting to me. Turns out I didn’t want to be bound by one idea of what I should be sharing. Turns out I’m not so good at having a unified message.

I’m coming back to writing today because I’ve lately been thinking about how much it’s changed for me. Whatever fount of creativity I’ve been clinging to over the last few years has dried up and left in its place a…

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